About Us


       ANH DUC Trading Technical Co., Ltd (ANH DUC Co., LTD) has been a leader of the professional Suppliers and Technical Teams for Electrical Grid fields such as: Switchgears Panels, Termination Kit and Junction Box for MV & LV underground Cables and accessories for Transmission Lines and Distribution Systems with the voltage range up to 800kV.

        Since from the beginning in Jan 2015, we have been trying to establish the commercial partnerships with the most famous brands in the World such as:  ABB, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, GE (ALSTOM), FUJI, AICHI, METAL DEPLOYE, ENSTO, SYNIN, S&C, EPCA, SAREL S.r.l, CHARDON Group, DONGWOO, CEET, PRYSMIAN, CELL PACK, SAMSUNG, DILO, OMNIPRO, ARTECHE, XI’AN XD, PINGGAO, SIEYUAN, SOCOMEC, SINOPOWER, SHIHLIN, CO-ELME EGIC, SFA ELECTRIC, TELERGON, LANDIS & GYR, EDMI, JEAN MULLER, ETI, BONOMI GROUP, OEMB.... and another ones who are coming from EU, Australia, Japan, ... more and more, we are cooperating with the transformer manufactures in/ located in VIETNAM such as: THIBIDI, SANAKY, SHIHLIN, ABB, EMC, ... Otherwise, since March 2019 we have been cooperated with HAWEE PT - VIETNAM (who are liciensed manufacturing by SCHNEIDER S.p.A) as an exclusive distributor for the PIX24 Switchgear Panels  (630A, VCB 22kV, 25 kA/3s incoming and outgoing feeders) Products for CAMBODIAN & LAOS Markets.

        Nowadays, we are a master distributor for EPCA's Diesel & Gas GENERATORS (30-3000) kVA of power capacity also, such as: CUMMINS, IVECO, VOLVO, PERKINS, MTU, ... and  the " AL NOOR" solar street light is a famous brand in GERMANY and EU.

          Our slogan is Your Biz Inspires Us  as same as the engagement of "Client-Centric", we would like to submit to you the best quality products and solutions with the competitive prices, conscientious services for saving costs.


     The Prestige Is Making Us Be Great!

      Best regards

Nguyen Thanh Hung - Mr. HARRY (Chief Executive Officer / The Owner)